Ashley Greedy

Age28Sporting DisciplineMotocross RiderWhat is your best result to date?Winning BYMX in 2003 on my dads birthday, but I also finished 12th overall in the 2018 Power Maxed Arenacross series.Where is your favourite place to race?Florida, Daytona RCSX was awsome, but I also love Birmingham round of the Arenacross!How did you get into your sport?My dad used to race.Who is your favourite sporting hero?James Bubba StewartWhat is your favourite thing to eat?Pasta BologneseWhat do you enjoy doing outside of racing?Cycling, Jet Skiing or anything else adrenaline fuelledFRO Systems motto is ‘Desire Fuels Success’... What’s yours?Go hard or go home!

Ashley has been a FRO Systems elite athlete for many years.  For the past two years Ashley has ridden in the UK Arenacross series as a PRO rider for FRO Systems.  This year Ashleys strength, drive and determination shone through and even though he has the reputation of the bad boy of MX he is a firm favourite of ours.  The start of 2018 has been great and can only get better.  Who knows what 2019 may bring!………

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