Controversial AX round at the Genting Arena

This weekend FRO Systems PAR Elite Arenacross team were in Birmingham for Round 3 of the series tour.  It was an exciting busy weekend as we were host to 50 guests and sponsors coming to watch our home race.

The track was the toughest yet, with some rhythm sections which threatened injury if you make a mistake.  Again we had a mixed bag of results with a bit of excitement thrown in!

65 class – saw our Freddie Bartlett finish a very respectful 4th after a bad start, things could have been different with a good gate.

Superminis – saw Callum Beeken showing increasing form with the transition to Arenacross, he took a strong 5th and it is just a matter of time before he gets on the podium.

PRO Lites – Again saw Josh Greedy improving and was holding a strong 7th until a huge crash over the massive finish line double.   Luckily he walked away with just grazes and bruises.

PRO Class – Ash Greedy was in the middle of it with a controversial disqualification from the head to head for an alleged dirty move.   Many times we have seen worse manoeuvres, so its left a confused cloud over Ash’s racing weekend.   This is Ash’s speciality and he is a crowd favourite for that, so let’s see what Belfast brings.

PRO Class –  Gaetan Le Hir was a little rusty in qualification after his confidence being knocked in the crash at Glasgow. He qualified through the head to head which saw him take a strong 8th after a tough gate position.

 Again I am very proud of my teams 100% effort and we cannot wait for the few days to pass before we arrive for the Belfast double header.

Thank you for all supporting our team.


Mark McCann



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